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Hi, I’m Olly    your mind & money chat guru.
Are you ready to take control of your financial life?

Discover the transformative power of mind & money chat:

  • Access multiple interactive chat modules anytime, anywhere, at your own pace

  • Ongoing practical steps to transform from money mindless to mindful

  • The more you do, the more money mindful you become, the better your life gets

  • Speak to a human at any point

We are all different. Olly will help you find your way forward:

  • I learned it’s not whether I have enough money, but what I do with what I’ve got Amy R. Hornsey

  • Becoming money mindful doesn’t mean having no fun and becoming a hermit. It’s knowing why I spend and how to control my impulses Alice & Ben. E.Ruislip

  • Now I can spend on things that are important to me, without feeling guilty! Forhana A. Slough

  • For the first time ever, I now feel like I’m making real progress. . Brendan F. Plymouth