Is your money (or your lack of it), the brake or accelerator or your life?

You may be frustrated by your lack of money, or lack of control when it comes to spending, but at the end of the day, money is just a number, right? How you feel about your cash – or your lack of it – won’t help. Wishing for more doesn’t work. Regretting a purchase won’t put that money back in your account.

But if you think about money as just, well, money, that's all it will ever be. If however, you see your money, every penny of it, in the wider of context of your overall ‘personal finance’ then things begin to look a little different.

Let’s not kid ourselves; personal finance by most people’s definition is not exciting. It is not sexy. It is like underwear - nobody can see it unless you decide to get very intimate, so 99% of the time you might as well be wearing grey, baggy cotton underneath your designer jeans, rather than your Calvin Klein briefs.   It goes without saying that getting to grips with personal finance is not cool, or sexy or fun. It doesn’t make you more attractive. You can’t wear it proudly on your sleeve, you can’t wear the t-shirt with the fancy logo on it – it’s just there, working quietly for you behind the scenes.

But when life chucks something unpredictable your way, you need to make sure you had the foresight to put on your best designer gear.

Getting to the point where you’re confidently rocking your metaphorical Calvins every day can be tricky. If you’re just starting to take the reins and begin to live within your means, you probably feel that you’re the only one ‘giving things up.’   It is when you are facing those those tough decisions - should I spend or should I save? Should I stay in, or should I go out? that your interpretation of personal finance really comes in to its own.

Is personal finance drudgery, bureaucracy, intrusion, unopened envelopes, awkward questions and even more awkward answers? Or is it your route upwards, your method of reining in the demons, imagining the sunny uplands and making the most of every day?   Even if your definition feels firmly routed in the former not the latter, the good news is that your definition can change. You are not doomed. When you find your way to unlock your way forward, the world can suddenly look very, very different. And then you won’t care what life throws at you, because you’ll know you have your best underwear on.

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