Taking a moment to think about your life, something is, or feels wrong. Maybe it’s obvious – you are carrying more weight than you would like. Maybe you’re too skinny. Maybe you’re drinking too much, or arguing with your partner, hate your job or forever run out of money before the end of the month.

You turn to Google or the Appstore. There’s an app! There’s always an app. The phrase, there’s an app for that has become ubiquitous. You download it, tap in a few details. You feel better. Life goes on.

Still, in your heart of hearts, based on previous form, you know your Achilles heel is highly likely to swivel towards the biscuit tin, pub or conviction this really is the week you win the lottery.

There are many brilliant apps out there, but unless you find clarity of mind first, they only tinker with symptoms - they don’t fix root causes. To really make apps work for you in the long term, first you have to look for your own answers. You’ve already got the app, you were born with it and it’s the most powerful app in the world - it’s all in your mind.

It’s time to meet your financial headspace guru…