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The science and techniques used within The Lifehouse.Co are both timeless and the most up to date in modern behavioural psychology. Our aim is to cultivate a new approach to personal finance, creating financial freedom as a universal, achievable ambition. The mental and well-being benefits that arise from being in control of our 💷 💳 are the priceless outcomes we seek for everyone.

The best financial advise that wealthy people receive, focuses less on the function of their money, but the priorities of their lives. Where money is earned, spent, saved and invested with purpose, the outcomes people achieve both mentally and financially far outweigh the pursuit of money for money’s sake.

We are committed to furthering societies understanding of the role of money in our lives and giving it the prominence it’s fundamental function deserves.

Our Story

We built The Lifehouse.Co because whatever 🃏 ♣️ ♦️ life deals, your relationship with money is the ladder to the life you deserve. The 🌍 and all it's temptations is out to knock that ladder from under you. Our passion is to prevent that happening.

Each one of us has a responsibility to let our relationship with money be the accelerator, not the brake, of our lives. To see past life’s inequalities, cultivate our strengths and shoot for what we want. What we focus on grows. With growth comes opportunity.

With The Lifehouse.Co at your side, your journey will become less perilous and your vision of your 🏔️ enriched.

The Lifehouse.Co boys designing Olly the Chatbot

A Business With Social Purpose

We are a for-profit business, committed to donate 10% of profits to financial education and debt charities.

We also regularly donate a proportion of our 🕑 to running workshops in personal finance for children about to leave school or 🎓 and embark on their independent, adult lives.

The Lifehouse.Co CEO, Neil Darke, coaching a group of sixth-formers at a London school.