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  • Yes, you love your shop-bought porridge – and that cereal café in Shoreditch is such a winner when you need a pick-me-up before work. However, bringing your own breakfast to work – or eating at home – can save you a whopping £800 a year...

  • Here are some quick and easy ways to feed yourself for next to nothing in the morning:

    • Bring in a box of cereal to the office and set some time aside every morning to ensure you’ve got enough time to refuel. Porridge costs around 50p for a huge economy bag – and it’ll last you for ages
    • Make a couple of slices of toast at home, and top with banana and peanut butter or an avocado and a poached egg

    • Make breakfast smoothies or pack a couple of pieces of fruit in your bag

    • Pop into the supermarket to pick up a croissant for half the price of a Pret pastry

  • So there you have it. A little bit of forward planning can ensure you’re set up for the day – and here’s what you could save…

    £3 a day

    £15 a week

    £780 a year

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