Emily and Ben have been going out since school. They're looking to buy their first place, but there's one issue - Emily lacks confidence.

“I'm a little inept when it comes to being upfront about what I want and when,” Emily admits. "I totally lack confidence when it comes to talking about money and knowing how to move forward."

When she first started our coaching course, Emily was struck by the results of her personality test, as we felt she needed to get to know herself better. “I walked away feeling much more sure of myself, and I set aside some time to chat to Ben about our future. It was great," she says. “I felt more inclined to speak my mind and be honest, and Ben noticed a change in me. It definitely gave us a boost and helped us visualise the road ahead.”

We also encouraged Emily to look at what she wanted from her life, and her reasons why she wanted to buy with Ben. "I thought the answers were obvious, but they're not," she says. "I now have a clear idea of the path I should be on, my priorities, and why certain things are important to me. I feel very foccussed - much more driven."

Emily admits she was initially skeptical of getting to know herself (“I thought I already did!” she says), but now is 100% dedicated to continuing her coaching with us. “It’s great,” she says. “I feel so much more confident about our relationship, my finances, and our plans going forward.”