Allison Parkes and her husband have been living in Brockley for the past 18 months, sharing a house with her grandparents while they save for a deposit. Allie is keen to kickstart her future, but she often feels very anxious.

"I often worry about things going wrong," she admits. "What if we break up, or lose the house? What if I'm making a mistake? I know it's just nerves but sometimes it really gets me down."

“When I was asked to prioritise my emotions surrounding money, I felt very drawn to Anxiety. In some ways, buying a house is a bigger commitment than having children. It does make me anxious, I can't deny it,” she says.

Your feelings and emotions drive your relationship with money, so the tasks we hand-picked for Allie were designed to tie in with her personality - and her situation.

"I found the CBT exercises really effective - they helped to 'shrink' my problems," Allie says. "Sometimes things just snowball, and get on top of me. It really helped get things in perspective. I also got a lot of pleasure from talking to trusted friends and family about my situation - they gave me good advice."

“The whole process was very clear,” says Allie. "All I needed to do was take a step back, and reassess. After some analysis I realised that I was on the right path, and now I feel much less anxious. Everything's fine."