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  • You know the old adage ‘Don’t go food shopping if you’re hungry?’ I’ve got another one to add to the mix: ‘Always put together a weekly and monthly budget, and stick to it.

  • The 50:20:30 rule comes into play here. Spend up to 50% of your salary on fixed items, such as rent and bills. 20% should go on savings and goals, and 30% can go on flexible spending – such as your meals. Here’s how to stop going over 30% when you’re feeding yourself.

  • Here’s how to get your budget right.

    • Never shop when you’re stressed or tired
    • Wrte down items as and when you run out
    • If you think you may have the item at home, don’t buy it
    • Make a weekly food planner
    • Shop at different places to get the best deals
  • Budgeting and planning ahead can help you save £10 a week on groceries. That’s £40 a month. Pretty good, eh?

  • Here’s my top tip – if you find a food that you love, avoid eating it day in and day out. It’ll seem decadent at first, but then you’ll just end up getting tired of that food for months afterwards.

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