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  • It’s no surprise that the weekly and monthly food shop is where most people find themselves spending more than they should. The temptation to pick up a ready meal when you know you have food at home is what scuppers most people’s plans to save money.

  • Offers and deals can be very seductive, but the bottom of the shelf is where you’ll find the best bargains – just hunt down own brad items, and watch your savings add up.

  • You probably won’t even notice the difference, as the flavours and quality are almost identical. Even though you’ll add some time to your shop, it’s definitely worth hunting down the cheaper items.

  • Here’s what you could save:

    • Tesco own brand bread: 50p vs Hovis wholemeal bread: £1
    • Morrisons’ own brand milk: £1 vs Yeo Valley milk: £1.87
    • Sainsbury’s own brand cheddar: £2 vs Cathedral City cheddar: £3.50
    • Asda own brand fusilli pasta: 59p vs Cook Italian fusilli pasta: £1
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