We’d just got to that bit of the presentation when you ask for any questions. A single hand went up. "What’s the biggest impact you’ve had on someone’s life?” she said.

Good question!

The truth is, we seem to have an impact on pretty much everyone that we get involved with. Even candidates coming back for a second job interview proudly tell us they’ve done something differently since we first met. I’d like to think that’s because we’re brilliant - what it really comes down to is we are simple. Much of what we say is common sense. Common sense that so many of us are preconditioned – for a myriad of reasons, circumstances and excuses – to ignore.

So, what’s the answer to the question? We have a thousand stories, and one of my favourites goes like this. Susie came to a meet-up we hosted, catchily-titled 'How To Get On The Property Ladder'.

She took her seat and free sandwich, warm bottle of Becks and listened intently. The second slide we showed was entitled 'Five Crap Reasons To Get On The Property Ladder'. The first reason we gave was ‘To impress my parents’, the second, ‘To stop paying rent.’

Susie left that evening changed, liberated and happy. She didn’t want to buy a house, she just thought she did. She was terrible at saving for her deposit, mostly because she didn’t really want to. What she wanted to do was travel, to experience the world as a single person while she still could. As we shook hands, she declared she was now determined to go to Machu Picchu, and she would get there within a year.

So off went Susie, motivated to be smarter with her money, and to save. The image of Machu Picchu was her guiding star, influencing every decision she made, small or large, to spend money.

She taught herself in a flash to look at her money differently. She used her new-found motivation to stay on track. When she gets back from Peru, the new money skills she has learned and the self-control she has developed will still be firmly baked into the new, fulfilled version of herself.

And the real kicker? With a whopping great tick on her bucket list, if she then decides to save for a deposit on a property, she has the skill to do it. Alternatively, she might just start planning a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

Our life coaching will help you find your guiding star. It's the best thing you can do to find your focus, clear your mind, and begin to make friends with your money.

Any questions?