Since humans lived in caves, a powerful part of our mind (our sub-conscious brain) has enjoyed seeking pleasure and fighting off pain. It’s the part which controls our instinctive decision-making, and makes those spending decisions we regret in the cold light of day. In our modern abundant world, with almost endless choice and the credit to match it, it's more important than ever to be in control of our 'caveman' brain, or we risk ending up poor, unhappy and mentally unwell. We call that part of our mind 'Kevin'.

This is important, because, since personal finance is largely a game of behaviour/ psychology and not maths, to better manage your finances, you need to better manage your financial behaviours. In other words, you need to ‘control your Kevin’...

To do this, you need to change the way you think about and use money. This involves becoming more conscious about your spending, freeing yourself from the burden of external expectations and learning how to be more fulfilled with what you have. It is not about budgeting and deprivation! This mental shift will result in you feeling able to spend guilt-free and enjoy peace of mind around money whilst you effortlessly save and make real financial progress.

To help you control your Kevin - and upgrade your caveman brain - we have developed Olly, an intelligent, confidential and non-judgemental chatbot. Olly offers you a selection of individual exercises, videos, articles and tasks or he can walk you through a guided program.

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