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    Saving up doesn’t mean saying goodbye to socialising – just the opposite!

    You just have to plan what you’re doing in advance, and try to stick to doing some of your socialising at home. This can get tricky if your pals have expensive habits that you enjoy too. So, how can you compromise?

  • Here are some ways to ensure everyone has a great time:

    • Suggest dinner at someone’s house, and suggest all the other guests bring a home-cooked dish and a bottle of wine
    • Movie nights are always a good choice! Don’t rule out binge-watching popular series such as Game of Thrones
    • If the cinema is your ‘thing’, try and find 2-4-1 deals online. Some online news subscriptions and insurance companies offer cinema perks
    • If you absolutely have to go out, search online for vouchers or invest in a Taste Card, which can give you up to 50% off the cost of your meal if you pre-book
  • If the gang are determined to head out, suggest meeting for breakfast or lunch. Dinner is the most expensive meal to buy when you’re out and about - so just meet up a little earlier in the day!

    Here's what you'll save:

    £25 a week £300 a year

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