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    We’ve all got a secret soft drink addiction, whether it’s Coke, Lucozade or Ribena. Something cool and sugary to push us through the afternoon. However, it’s time to take a stand against these sweet nothings, and start drinking water.

  • Your body is 60% water, and that’s why you’ve got to drink plenty of it.

    It’ll stop you feeling sluggish, clear your complexion, help you stick to your diet and stop that 3pm sugar slump. It’s also free.

  • Even if you’re buying mineral water and avoiding the tap, you’re getting more for your money.

    One litre of Buxton water will set you back around 70p, compared to a single can of Diet Coke, which costs around the same.

  • Smoothies and ‘detox’ juices are the worst offenders, and may cost upwards of £3. Can you hear your bank balance begging you to eat a few pieces of fruit instead?

  • The best thing about water is that you can re-use bottles and refill for free on the go. Cafes, pubs and bars will always help you out if you’re running low, and unlike tea, coffee and fizzy drinks, you never have to worry about losing heat or ‘fizz’.


  • My advice is to always carry a bottle with you – you’ll soon see the savings add up. Here’s what you could save on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis...

    £1.10 a day £7.70 a week £400 a year

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