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  • Of course, you already know this, but bringing in your own food to work can help you save money.

  • Making an extra-large portion of your dinner and saving what you don’t eat for lunch the next day means you’ll a) have a ready-made lunch to go and b) you don’t have to spend a penny at lunch time.

    Just remember to avoid eating it if you get hungry later on in the evening!

  • Here’s what I do:

    • I plan my meals during the week, make an extra portion when I’m cooking my evening meal, and pop it into Tupperware after dinner.
    • My favourites are lasagne, chilli, casseroles and pasta dishes, but you can also take it soups, stir-fries and homemade sushi.
    • Don’t forget that dishes like curries and pizza are super-tasty the day after they’re cooked.
    • To add an extra level of comfort, add little extras you’d like, such as grated parmesan, or mayo. To bulk out a meal, just add a bit of bulgur wheat, quinoa or cooked rice.
  • man-sitting-in-his-job-desk-eating-lunch

    Here’s what you could save:

    £5 a day £25 a week £1,300 a year

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