Working out how to improve your finances can be tricky - but here's how to get your brain in gear and kickstart the process with a Little Win!

We’re here to help you develop a better relationship with money. That means being able to save, do the things you love - and not getting panicky before payday! However, tidying your room could be the key to improving your finances!

This might seem overly simple, or even silly, but there is scientific backing to this. When you accomplish something as the result of making a small change, you experience a pleasant feeling. This is the result of the dopamine - the 'happy hormone' - released in your brain.

Of course, your body wants to feel more of these pleasant dopamine 'hits'. You look to repeat these 'Little Wins' by making them habitual. You also look for other ways you can get them which is how they cause a chain reaction or snowball effect of more and better changes in other areas of your life.

You know how amazing you feel when you blitz the house on a Sunday, wash your clothes, hoover, declutter, or make some healthy food for the week ahead? Whichever route in you take, one good thing can lead to another - and your first Little Win will soon lead you to find more and more.

This is the snowball effect of Little Wins; it gives you the energy to seek out new and exciting ways to improve your life. Of course, your brain doesn't discriminate between the different areas of your life, and the power of Little Wins is they can snowball into other areas of your life, including your finances.

Getting your mind and environment ‘tidied up’ is a huge part of our coaching, even though it’s not directly related to money. Developing new habits around money comes more easily when you've got a clear and positive mind.

_This is why the key to improving your finances may start with tidying your room! _