You'll often hear Olly (our confidential, non-judgemental chatbot) say, the real world can - and will - affect your plans. Friends may ask you to go on holiday, or you may get a massive MOT bill. You may have a bad day at work and want nothing more than a serious pizza binge somewhere in town. We get that. And that’s why we developed a load of coping strategies for you for when times get tough.

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1. Problem: My friends are badgering me to go out!

Solution: Can you entertain at home? Can you swap out booze for water, or a soft drink? Failing that, see if there’s a way of ‘splitting’ the night so it’s cheaper for you. So give the restaurant a miss, but come along to the bowling later.

2. Problem: I keep getting invited on really fun holidays!

Solution: Lucky you, being so popular! Our advice? Only go on what you can afford, and budget. So if it’s a choice between a week in Benidorm or two weeks in Thailand, choose the former. Shop around for flights and hotels nearby; yes, you may be living a few minutes down the road from your mates, but you’ll be able to have fun with them in the evenings.

3. Problem: I’ve been asked if I’d like a Glastonbury ticket.

Solution: A word to the wise - if you’re not 100% excited, don’t go. However, if you are - by all means, accept. Make sure you’re not paying over the odds - an official ticket retails at around £230 - and you will need around £200 to see you through the 5+ days comfortably. Start saving now and don’t underestimate the cost of the tent, camping gear, etc. By missing out on five big nights out, you’ll have saved around £400.

4. Problem: My family keep encouraging me to spend!

Solution: Remember those Money Scripts? They’re the ideas and behaviours you learned about money from family and friends from a young age. You’ve unravelled yours now - but they’re still living with theirs, so don’t get angry or defensive. Tell them you’ve adopted a new way of managing your money, and leave it at that. You’re in charge!

5. Problem: I’m embarrassed about telling my friends I can’t afford to go out.

Solution: Firstly, you don’t have to - that’s your business only. Secondly, try and get past that embarrassment, because at least now you recognise your situation - that’s better than blindly burying your head in the sand! True friends will be proud of you for trying to get your life back, and they’ll support your decision.

6. Problem: I need a new outfit for a wedding.

Solution: Shop around. Take a day out (preferably a weekend!) and do your research, both online and in the shops. If you have any friends who could lend you some shoes or accessories, why not ask them if they could help out? Alternatively, leave the label in and return it the next day. WE’RE JOKING.

7. Problem: I keep getting really wound up when house prices go up.

Solution: There is no solution, sorry. You can’t affect this. However, what you can do is protect your own finances, maximise what you have, and stay positive! You can’t stop prices rising, but you can ensure your money is always working hard for you.

8. Problem: I feel like I haven’t got very far.

Solution: Maybe you haven’t - getting on top of this stuff takes time, and it won’t happen in just a few days. You’ve already on the path to clearing some headspace, getting a clear overview of your situation and improving your finances just by doing this coaching. Honestly - give it some time!

9. Problem: I’m worried I’ll run out of willpower.

Solution: Our coaching can seem a bit tricky at first, especially if you have to make some changes to your lifestyle! However, you won’t need willpower forever, as these new habits and behaviours will soon become second nature - especially when you start seeing results.

10. Problem: What’s the point of all this? I’ll never be as wealthy and influential as my dad.

Solution: Maybe you won’t. And if you spend your entire life trying to replicate your dad’s path, you won’t be very happy, either. The best thing you can do is work towards what makes you happy. Not your dad, or your peers, or your boss - you. Once you’re on the right track, the good stuff will follow. Your dad got where he wanted to be because it made him happy - it’s up to you to find the same dynamic which works for you.

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