How much does the coaching cost?
The current coaching programme is FREE and you won’t be asked for any credit card or payment details.

How does the coaching work?
Olly will message you once a day, and take you through that day’s coaching. The timing works around you - when you’re ready, just respond to Olly, and he’ll start interacting with you about that day’s coaching. He will answer your questions explain why you are doing it and what it involves. Olly will then ask you to watch a short video, read an article, or complete a simple exercise.

If you ever need Help – to redo a day, start again, or pause the coaching – you can do so by just typing ‘Help’ at any stage in the message box or clicking on the ‘burger’ menu bar to the left of the message box.

How long does the coaching take?
It takes less than five minutes a day. The current programme lasts 14 days.

Will the coaching work for me?
We know the coaching helps people transform their relationship with money and improve their finances. For it to work, all you need to do is to commit five minutes a day and be prepared to try something new! 

The coaching is customised to you – your personality, the emotions you currently feel about money and your financial circumstances.

Whether you’re in a bit of a financial pickle or are already a saver who wants more, we coach you to reach the next level.

Is Olly a real coach?
Olly is a ‘chatbot’ coach. He is an automated intelligent computer programme designed by experts. His coaching combines proven personal financial methods with the latest scientifically proven coaching techniques to deliver an innovative personalised financial coaching experience.

Do I need the ‘Save With Olly’ app to support the coaching?
If you’re an iPhone user, we recommend you download our companion app, Save With Olly, to help support and enhance your coaching. However, use of the app is not required and the coaching will still work without it.


How do I get help during the coaching?
Type ‘help’ (not case sensitive) into the message box on Messenger, or click the three horizontal stripes (the ‘burger’) next to the message box and press the ‘Help’ button. You can do this at any stage during the coaching.

You’ll get a carousel of a list of options. The options are:
My Lifehouse: A summary of your results to date from the coaching programme.
Read FAQs: The list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
Contact Us: Send a message to a member of our team e.g. if you are having technical problems.
Unsubscribe: Stop the coaching and cease any further messages from Olly the Coach.
Revisit previous day: Revisit the previous day’s coaching.
Start again: Re-start the coaching from the beginning of the programme.
Continue: Carry on the coaching from where you previously left off.

How do I stop the coaching?
1) Type ‘help’ (not case sensitive) into the message box on Messenger, or click the three horizontal stripes (the ‘burger’) next to the message box and press the ‘Help’ button. 2) Select the ‘Unsubscribe’ option from the list of options.

You can do this at any stage of the coaching programme.

If you wish to re-start the coaching, at any stage, type ‘help’ and select the ‘Continue’ option.

What happens if I lose an internet connection during the coaching?
The coaching is interactive and requires an internet connection (broadband, wifi, 4G, etc).

If you lose your connection during the coaching, you will not be able to continue until you have regained your internet connection.

When you regain your connection, Facebook Messenger should recognise this and allow the coaching to continue.

If, however, the coaching does not continue, you can type ‘help’ and select the ‘Continue’ option.

Alternatively, you can type ‘help’ and select the ‘Contact Us’ option and message one of our team to help you out your problem.

Can I do the coaching on both my phone and desktop?
Yes. Messenger shares data between the mobile app and the desktop browser so you carry on your conversation on the different devices. 

How can I share this with my friends and family?
Simple! Just copy this link: http://bit.ly/2ktE2YD and send it on, using Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, text message, or any messaging platform you choose! When your friends and family click on it, it will open up a brand new conversation between them and Olly the Coach in Facebook Messenger.


Why do you use Facebook Messenger?
Facebook Messenger is the most widely used messaging interface. It is a stable, proven technology platform which has allowed us to seamlessly integrate our software to deliver an innovative personalised financial coaching experience.

Do I have to download Facebook Messenger app to do the coaching?
The bite-size design of the coaching – less than five minutes a day – means it can be done either ‘on the go’ e.g. on your way to/ from work or in your lunch hour or on a laptop/ desktop computer.

If you use a mobile device, you will need to download the Facebook Messenger app – iOS , Windows Phone , Android

If you use a laptop/desktop computer, you can either use Messages function within Facebook or the separate Messenger service.

Will the coaching work on Mobile Messenger (m.facebook.com)?
No. Facebook are transitioning from mobile messenger to the separate Messenger app. Chatbots such as Olly the Coach will not work on the mobile messenger because the technology was not designed to support the Messenger API.

Do you share my data?
No. We do not sell your data. We only share your personal information as required to provide the service or to fulfil legal obligations.

For further details, see the ‘How We Use Your Information’ section of our full Terms & Conditions (available here).

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