So far, you've told us about the emotions you are currently feeling about money - a bit like we've taken your emotional pulse! The first step towards feeling better has nothing to do with the cash in your pocket, or the technicalities of finance - it's all about you and your mind.

We need you to be curious, open to trying stuff, looking at things differently - but not trying to change your world overnight.

That starts with clearing your mind - and the way to start do it, is to find one Little Win.

We are all different - the trick is to find something free, fast and simple that works for you, and unlocks your new approach. That might be something as simple as committing to making your bed every day, or going for a walk every lunchtime.

This might seem overly simple, or even silly - but you will be amazed at the impact you can make on your mind - it's all part of what we call the snowball effect:


We have selected for you ten of the most popular non-financial new habits you can try - we'll ask you to pick one after this article.


Here's how it's done. Look into your habits, your environment, your daily commute and your headspace. Everything around you which makes up your days, weeks and months. Which parts could be trimmed down, tidied up, organised or streamlined? Which parts would allow you to create much more headspace with just minimal effort?

Try making your bed every day, or giving the kitchen a turbo-clean. Maybe you could have a total wardrobe sort-out, and get a better idea of what you have to wear! Once you're feeling good about the state of your house, you'll feel great. Plus, just think of all those extra clothes combinations. You'd forgotten all about that lovely jumper hidden at the back, hadn't you?

If you're an online obsessive, think about taking a digital detox. Yes, this means you won't be able to follow your cousin's adventures in Slough, but you'll be able to focus on what matters - you - without distractions. If you're feeling up to it, you could even start a Gratitude Journal, and make a list of things in your life which keep you sane and happy.

Now we're onto the delicate subject of bedtime. Now now, don't get any ideas. What I'd like you to try is getting some sleep, and get plenty of it. That means no faffing around on your phone before bed, reading for ten minutes, and snoozing. Oh, and turn off your devices - no midnight scrolling!

Finally, if you're not averse to being active, you could try and squeeze in a daily walk? You'll flood your body with feel-good chemicals and it costs nothing. Just getting off the bus a few stops earlier counts! Or, if you're more of a sayer than a doer, you can exercise your emotions. Tell someone close to you how much they mean to you once a day. You'll be surprised at how happy it makes you - and how much it will mean to them.

Next, we'll be looking at harnessing the power of Little Wins in a way which affects every financial transaction you make! Developing new, helpful habits around money comes easily when you've got a clear mind - and that's the exercise which we'll be doing after this one.

Clearing your headspace doesn't automatically lead to a healthier bank account - but it is a great starting point. Whichever route in you take, one good thing always leads to another - and your first Little Win will soon lead you to find more and more. It creates a snowball; it gives you the energy to seek out new and exciting ways to improve your life.

Improving how you feel about money through clearing your mind is the first little brick in building your Lifehouse, your path to living a richer life.


Need some help choosing a Little Win? Remember this...

  • Start small - invest in your own headspace. Just tidying up your house can make you feel great, and it won't take you too long.
  • Never underestimate the huge benefits of taking a break from your 'online life'. In just a few minutes you can be free from online distractions.
  • Getting enough sleep is the simplest little win - all you have to do is put on your PJs and lie down! Plus, you'll feel the benefits all the next day.
  • A 10-minute walk or a quick phone call to someone you love will make you feel great; maybe you could even do both at once?

Olly will be sending you the Little Wins Exercise shortly.