In our media-obsessed age, it is easy to be distracted by cultural or topical issues which concern us which we can do nothing about e.g. house prices, Brexit etc. Proactive people focus on issues they can control.

News in its various forms – newspapers, TV, social media, the Internet – has been described as “to the mind what sugar is to the body”. And we all consume too much sugar! We fret and get worked up about all sorts of issues ranging from the more serious – increasing house prices, The Donald getting elected – to the more trivial – was Kim really robbed in Paris, how long before the latest X Factor winner has a breakdown?

The thing is: we have little or no control over any of these issues. And whilst we are consuming all this media, and fretting, and getting worked up about these things, we are wasting time we could otherwise be spending on issues we can control and that directly affect our lives.


In the focus session, Olly (our confidential, non-judgemental chatbot) will show you a proven technique to create a framework for managing how you allocate your most precious resource – your time and energy.

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Antonia, one of our coachees, is an avid follower of news, social media and all sorts of current affairs and topical trivia. “This exercise was a massive eye-opener about how much time and energy I am spending on stuff that is irrelevant to me” she said. “It made me think how I should start to focus on things that matter to me.”

“I have begun letting go of things I cannot do anything about!” Antonia says. “I used to think it was selfish to just start with myself. I know now it’s sensible, and I feel more in control. Also, I used to think I was ‘too busy’ to see people close to me and now I’m spending more time with others.”