Living a richer life is a process. It starts with finding the emotional headspace you need to develop new behaviours, and then making them sustainable and enjoyable.

Once you’re in a good place, you can start ticking off the functional things you need to do. Making a checklist of tasks works for people in different ways – so if you are naturally a non-list making type, don’t throw this idea out straight away.

The function of making a list is primarily for remembering things. However, that only works if you can always find your list and you actually refer back to it! One way to do this is to set aside a time each day for checking it.

Here’s an idea - reset your morning alarm clock, so you always have 15 extra minutes before you have to leave the house. This extra time can then be used for list-checking. Just by getting out of bed a little earlier, you can see which additional tasks you could achieve over and above your normal day-to-day activities.

For some people, list-making is about the pleasure of crossing off completed tasks. For others, it’s the satisfaction of adding new tasks – there is always more to be done! Once you begin to enjoy and understand that every task ticked off is another step towards your richer life, adding them on becomes part of the fun.

In THE LIFEHOUSE.CO we are developing programmes and tools designed to lead you through all the functional things you need to do in order to start living a better, less-stressed and richer life.

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