When animals pair up, certain patterns tend to emerge, based on each animal’s natural tendencies. For couples, a greater understanding of each other’s natural tendencies and communication styles is important, especially when it comes to dealing with deeply emotional subjects like money.

How Beavers get on with Lions

Beaver-Lion relationships are quite common although no other combination must try as hard to work well together. Both are stubborn, want to be in control and are equally strong and determined individuals. However, their motives, needs, wants and behaviours are very different.

Lions & Beavers are uncomplementary in many ways, although the strong sense of commitment and loyalty they share substantially increases their chances of success together. They make the most of opposing traits as Lions need Beavers to soften their communication, point out details, plan things, encourage them and listen to them. Beavers need Lions to teach them assertiveness, get things done, execute the plan, give them direction and to appreciate them.

However, they have opposing traits which create numerous potential conflicts. Lions want to look good; Beavers want to be good. Lions are selfish; Beavers are selfless. Lions are insensitive; Beavers are sensitive. Lions are arrogant; Beavers are self-righteous. Lions are decisive; Beavers are indecisive.

How to better communicate a Lion

  • Everyone loves to be flattered! This is even more effective when you flatter Lions by acknowledging their particular needs. Lions need to be right, respected and to look good intellectually.

  • Style-wise, Lions like conversations to be productive so be brief, to the point and spell out the bottom line.

  • If you want your partner to make changes or do something different, since Lions think their way is always best, you have to demonstrate why your way is better.