When animals pair up, certain patterns tend to emerge, based on each animal’s natural tendencies. For couples, a greater understanding of each other’s natural tendencies and communication styles is important, especially when it comes to dealing with deeply emotional subjects like money.

How Beavers and Otters get on

Beavers & Otters are opposites whose relationships can be the most intimate of the mixed animal combinations. They represent the entire spectrum of emotions and together can experience explosive synergy. Beavers represent intimacy, depth and compassion; Otters excitement, warmth and optimism.

Beavers & Otters value each other’s qualities and make the best of numerous differences. Otters need Beavers to give grounding and direction, provide stability, notice details, praise and notice them and to provide moral leadership. Beavers need Otters to show them the lighter side of life, appreciate them, foster optimism and hope optimism, make them laugh and to facilitate social relationships.

However, they do also experience numerous conflicts of the comfortable opposites. Beavers believe work comes first whilst Otters believe play is far more important. Beavers get frustrated with Otters vagueness and flightiness whilst Otters resist Beavers perfectionism and desire to impose order and control. Beavers love responsibilities, Otters don’t. Beavers like to make deliberate decisions, Otters spontaneous ones. Beavers appreciate being listened to, but Otters are poor listeners.

How to better communicate with an Otter

  • Everyone loves to be flattered! This is even more effective when you flatter Otters by acknowledging their particular needs. Otters need to be noticed, feel praised and to look good socially.

  • Style-wise, Otters like conversations to be fun and entertaining so be enthusiastic and tell stories or jokes.

  • If you want your partner to make changes or do something different, you can’t make Otters change, only they can. Therefore, you need to give them choices, make them feel involved and give them time and space to make a decision.