When animals pair up, certain patterns tend to emerge, based on each animal’s natural tendencies. For couples, a greater understanding of each other’s natural tendencies and communication styles is important, especially when it comes to dealing with deeply emotional subjects like money.

How Labradors and Beavers get on

Labradors & Beavers are quite a common relationship combination, perhaps because they share many complementary attributes. They are both sensitive, value security, and find committed relationships the most natural way to enjoy life.

The Labrador-Beaver relationship very often makes the most of their complementary similarities. with the Beaver usually providing the spark in these relationships and the Labrador offering strong support. Beavers appreciate Labradors peaceful nature, kindness, willingness to listen, tolerance and patience whilst Labradors appreciate Beavers sincerity, leadership, tactful assertion and loyalty.

Potential conflicts between them arise around Beavers need for intimacy and Labradors difficulty in expressing feelings. Being self-directed and detail oriented, Beavers can get impatient with Labradors perceived laziness and lackadaisical approach. Labradors can feel drained by Beavers intense, judgmental and unforgiving nature. Beaver and Labradors must be careful not to hold resentments for longer than is necessary.

How to better communicate with a Beaver

  • Everyone loves to be flattered! This is even more effective when you flatter Beavers by acknowledging their particular needs. Beavers need to be understood, feel appreciated and to look good morally.

  • Style-wise, Beavers like conversations to be clear so be precise, detailed and patient.

  • If you want your partner to make changes or do something different, when asking Beavers, supply details and make a logical case for what you want.