When animals pair up, certain patterns tend to emerge, based on each animal’s natural tendencies. For couples, a greater understanding of each other’s natural tendencies and communication styles is important, especially when it comes to dealing with deeply emotional subjects like money.

How Otters get on with Lions

Otters & Lions enjoy a vibrant combination. Both are direct, high energy and comfortable with change. They both enjoy verbal banter and are free of the emotional sensitivity of the other personalities.

Their adventurous natures and ability to get stuff done (they are both good persuaders and good at delegating) means they enjoy life to the max without much emotional baggage and this impresses their friends (which they both like).

However, they must work hard to maintain a healthy perspective on each other. They have to mould the playfulness of the Otter and the productivity of the Lion. The Otter’s lack of commitment and Lion’s demanding nature means the Lion must show flexibility whilst the Otter must take responsibility.

How To better communicate with a Lion

  • Everyone loves to be flattered! This is even more effective when you flatter Lions by acknowledging their particular needs. Lions need to be right, respected and to look good intellectually.

  • Style-wise, Lions like conversations to be productive so be brief, to the point and spell out the bottom line.

  • If you want your partner to make changes or do something different, since Lions think their way is always best, you have to demonstrate why your way is better.