When animals pair up, certain patterns tend to emerge, based on each animal’s natural tendencies. For couples, a greater understanding of each other’s natural tendencies and communication styles is important, especially when it comes to dealing with deeply emotional subjects like money.

How Otters get on with Otters

Otter & Otter relationships tend to be very striking – sparkling and shining for all to see. They are both playful and fun and know how to have a good time. People rarely mistake this combination for anything else.

They appreciate each other’s positive and hopeful natures and love to both entertain and be entertained. They live for the moment and sharing special experiences together. Energetic and highly verbal, Otters ignite each other and their relationships are never dull. They are fun and superficially attentive to each other with mutual praise.

However, whilst Otter-Otter combinations adore each other, their preference for freedom over commitment presents a challenge for enduring long-term relationships. Someone has to tell the playful Otters when the work needs to get done. Otters also expect others to handle details and loose ends so when the other person is another Otter these get ignored. Their poor listening skills precludes much depth and meaning.

How to better communicate with an Otter

  • Everyone loves to be flattered! This is even more effective when you flatter Otters by acknowledging their particular needs. Otters need to be noticed, feel praised and to look good socially.

  • Style-wise, Otters like conversations to be fun and entertaining so be enthusiastic and tell stories or jokes.

  • If you want your partner to make changes or do something different, you can’t make Otters change, only they can. Therefore, you need to give them choices, make them feel involved and give them time and space to make a decision.