We all have an inner part of our mind we call 'Kevin'. For thousands of years, Kevin has been used to going about his (or her) day chasing pleasure and avoiding pain. The problem now is that Kevin is exposed to up to 10,000 adverts a day. These are all pushing him to chase after the pleasure of the instant gratification of consumerism, often funded with a credit card so he can also separate himself from the immediate pain of paying.

But what Kevin doesn’t know, is constantly chasing instant gratification, doesn’t generate great results in the long term. In fact, studies show after a person’s basic needs are met, things like shelter and food, there aren’t many other things money can buy which can drastically increase your happiness levels.

And Kevin isn't the whole story - he's just the shouty one! The turmoil and conflict we experience between our rational thoughts, our emotional reactions, and our actions are the result of Kevin (our emotional sub-conscious brain) outmuscling our rational, human brain (the slower, conscious part). The mind also has a third part, a storage area for beliefs and behaviours which is spread throughout the whole brain. In summary, our mind is made of three brains we need to master!

Olly, our confidential, non-judgemental chatbot, will help you sort all this out. By understanding which brain is in control at any given time, you can call upon the other parts of the mind and make smart, rounded decisions which bring you pleasure and progress at the right price.

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