In today’s world of rampant technological advancement, every single daily task that you face is being automated in some way to make the process easier.

Whether it’s hailing a taxi, comparing prices or monitoring your walking/spending/sleeping/heart rate/savings or investments, someone out there is trying to make it easier for you (and make themselves rich in the process).

New tools, particularly apps, are great for these sort of things. They're always with you and always on, so your life can become governed by a big dashboard of statistics and charts and shortcuts. If you so choose.

There's just one thing to bear in mind. Many of these apps are only as good as the data you manually input, or how they interpret the data they automatically receive. Does the purchase of a packet of Percy Pigs and a pair of socks from Marks & Spencer get posted into the essential or discretionary spend column? Do you sometimes forget to inform your sleep monitoring app that you were awake for two house in the night pondering such conundrums?

The truth is, the most powerful weapon in our armoury predates the dotcom boom by many millennia – your brain.

The apps that promise to revolutionise your life can only succeed if your brain is fully in tune with that ambition. It’s great being able to track how far you have run and post your achievement on Facebook - but you will only go for a run in the first place if your brain can overcome the countless reasons, temptations and excuses not to strap on your trainers.

It is a fairly common ambition for people to want to save better and spend smarter, but giving up your morning coffee to save a few quid may be hell for you – and hell doesn’t equate with our definition of a 'richer life'.

So, what is our definition of a richer life? Yes, money plays a part, but to make any sort of change in your life sustainable, entrenched and ultimately automated, you have to find the small changes that will work for you.

A richer life is a place where you understand yourself, your motivations, and how to master both your strengths and weaknesses. It’s about finding the balance between what is essential and discretionary in your life. It’s about freeing your mind, and to misquote an iconic song, 'the money will follow'.

At THE LIFEHOUSE.CO, we always say it’s more about the person that the finance. So our starting point is the LIFEMIND test. It'll take you just 5 minutes, and afterwards, you'll have a much better idea of what makes you tick. Your hidden strengths - and weaknesses - will be revealed, and you can find out how to use them to your advantage.

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