If you live and work in London and you’re not a millionaire, you probably think of the city as an unforgiving money pit. It certainly is if you want it to be. But this popular narrative is worth examining before subscribing to it.

We are told every day that house prices are increasing, the cost of living is going up, travel costs are rising, and rents are pricing us out. But by saying it’s just ‘one of those things’ and raising your hands in the air, is to surrender the battle before the fighting starts.

If you accept by default that London will bleed every spare penny from your bank account, then it absolutely will. If you believe that it will take a £50k deposit to get on the property ladder without checking the facts and all the ways to do it, then you will never attempt to start climbing the mountain – you will have spent all your cash before you attempt the ascent.

There is no doubt that London life is incredibly expensive. The mountains you may have to climb get to where you want to go, may be steep, but plenty of people manage to stumble or scramble up them.

Examine your options. Look at your property purchasing ambitions, consider this is just a financial transaction or part of a bigger life plan – and then rank them against other important things in your life.

When you figure out what you really want to do, remember you’ve got flexibility and time on your side - you can't beat the market, the prices will be whatever they be will be.

Break your mountain down into smaller chunks, tackle them one at a time. You can adapt timescales, you can take a different perspective, and work out how to get there.

The trick is doing whatever you do for you, don't worry what anybody else thinks or what others are doing.

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