We’ve already met ‘Kevin’, your emotional subconscious brain.

He (or she) is complex and uniquely yours, but people have long understood we all belong to one of four broad natural personality types, each with different motivators and characteristics.

Your Kevin may be motivated by power, or fun, or peace, or intimacy - or most probably some combination of all four. Some are natural savers, whilst others are natural spenders.

Since most human behaviours are driven by your Kevin, getting to know yours - his (or her) motivators and characteristics - is a fantastic starting point to help you understand and better control your financial behaviours, especially when dealing with stressful money situations.

You can gain an understanding of your natural type through a basic personality assessment and most people are familiar with these, even if it is just from the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter!

Which type is your Kevin?
- The Lion: Motivated by power and achievement. Typically results-oriented, determined and visionary but also impatient, a poor listener and lacks empathy.
- The Otter: Motivated by fun and enjoyment. Typically extrovert, optimistic and an influencer but also undisciplined, irresponsible and superficial.
- The Labrador: Motivated by peace and harmony. Typically caring, patient and good team players but also unfocused, passive and easily manipulated.
- The Beaver: Motivated by intimacy and altruism. Typically sensitive, disciplined and meticulous but also indecisive, picky and unforgiving.

Olly will help you identify your Kevin’s personality type. Once you’ve become aware of how your Kevin behaves, you can begin to control him (or her).

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