Personal finance is a deeply personal thing and like anything intimate when it goes wrong or is troubling us, it is all too easy to suffer in silence. On the flip side if you are lucky enough to have, and can afford, a Financial Adviser, it can be very tempting to divorce yourself of responsibility for any decisions and hand them over to your hired help.

Few things in life are black and white, but both scenarios above are just both plain wrong.

The truth, although it really may not seem that way, is the basic, fundamental things you need to know about personal finance are not complicated. But many of us fear the very thought of grappling with the machination of our money situation, so in whichever way of our choosing, avoid the responsibility.

It is odd then, that we are far better at reaching out when it comes to our weight, or fitness or mindfulness. We are universally more likely to bear our sole to a personal trainer or life coach, so why aren’t financial advisors queuing up to help us?

The truth is, Financial Advisers are uninterested in you if you don’t have much money. They are in the business of selling policies, whether it be life assurance, or employment protection, mortgages, pensions or investment vehicles. If you are the beginning of your journey, most of these are of littel relevance.

So you need to look after yourself. Take responsibility and up to a point, become your own financial adviser. That’s not as scary as it sounds.

What if there was someone who could deconstruct why you are the way you are, and build you up again to be the best you can be? Someone who would explain the fundamentals to you, stand behind you and give you a friendly push when your motivation flags or circumstances got the better of you? That is financial coaching – before the technicalities of money, come the emotions of it. And when you have all that sorted out, the technicalities become a whole lot easier.

That is what THE LIFHOUSE.CO is all about – you, your life, and helping you build for yourself a richer one.