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  • You know. I know. Everyone knows. Smoking’s bad for you – your breath stinks, your clothes smell, and you’re effectively burning your money. It’s fair to say that it’s one of the most anti-social habits out there, even though it seems pretty sociable when you’re out and about on a Friday night.

  • Most people can’t or won’t just ‘give up’ – they need help. What’s the most cost-effective way of doing this?

  • Here are some nicotine replacement therapies, and their approximate costs.

    • Nicotine gum (9-12 times a day for 12 weeks): £577
    • One-hour hypnosis session: £340
    • Vaping and e-cigs (20 weeks): £305
    • Nicotine patches (one a day for 12 weeks): £192
    • GP-prescribed medication (9-12 weeks): £178
  • There’s no hard and fast way to give up smoking, but you need to want to give up – otherwise your hard-earned NRT therapy will be wasted! Hypnosis is the fastest way to quit, but you’ll need to find a method which works for you – and stick to it.

  • Much like drinking, giving up smoking is a fantastic way to supercharge your saving goals. Here’s how the money will pile up. Look at those savings go!

    Weekly saving: £50 Monthly saving: £200

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