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  • cake-triangular-piece-handmade-symbol Sneaky snacks can wiggle their way into your day without you even noticing.

    Even if you’re snacking for ‘free’ in the office (naughty!), it’s easy to spend every day. A cereal bar can set you back around £1.50, chewing gum costs around 70p, and even a small hummus and carrot pot can cost around £1.85.

  • If you’ve got to snack, make sure that you’re bringing in your own healthy nibbles from home, and examine your eating habits. Are you snacking in the afternoon because you’re not eating enough at lunch?

  • For just under £6, you can make seven portions of snacks to get you through the week.

    Bag of carrots: 50p Bag of satsumas or clementines: 93p Punnet of cherry tomatoes: 91p Packet of rice cakes: £1 Jar of peanut butter (for the rice cakes): £2.50p


  • Here’s the money which you could soon be pocketing, instead of spending.

    £3 a day £15 a week £780 a year

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