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    The ‘Big Four’ may have the edge when it comes to glossy ad campaigns, but don’t buy into the hype. Shop at Lidl and Aldi, plan your meals sensibly, and you could save up to 30% on the cost of your weekly shop.

  • Don’t be put off if you don’t recognise any brand names – you’re getting the same product, just packaged differently. The food on offer is just as fresh as what you’d get in Tesco.

  • Here’s how the prices differ – think about how much you’ll save!

    • 1 litre of milk - Tesco: 95p, Lidl: 74p
    • 6 eggs – Sainsbury’s: 85p, Aldo: 55p
    • Loaf of brown bread – Morrisons: 55p, Aldo: 36p
    • 12 toilet rolls – Tesco: £4.46, Lidl: £3.19
  • Don’t forget that these shops also offer homeware, so if you need a blender or a stock pot, the discounted supermarkets are a great place to pick them up.

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