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  • The allure of the cinema is sometimes difficult to resist. However, there is a way of having the latest films at your fingertips and never having to leave the house. It’s called Netflix (or Sky Movies, if you’re determined to stay up to date with the UK box office).

  • The cost of two people going to the cinema and enjoying a large popcorn each can cost around £30 – that’s triple the cost of a monthly subscription to Netflix Premium. So, that’s effectively a cinema trip, without the added hassle of people coughing through the film and the everlasting adverts.

  • Prices for online streaming services vary – services like TalkTalk TV offer a pay-as-you-go service, so you can watch new releases for £8.99 and download a series for £6.99.

  • Amazon Video costs £79 a year with Amazon Prime, and Amazon Fire Stick is a great hybrid of Netflix and Amazon Video – all for just £35 a month. Don’t forget you’ll need broadband to get the best viewing experience, though!

  • Assuming you veto the weekly cinema trip (and all the sugary added extras), you can boost your savings by a huge amount every time you watch films at home. Here’s how the numbers add up.

    Weekly saving: £30 Monthly saving: £120 Yearly saving: £1,440

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