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  • Travelling by train is the ultimate in luxury – especially if you’re on a swish Virgin train, or one with a buffet cart. Forget coaches and Uber – this is the traffic-free way to travel.

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    As well as comfy seats, free WiFi and power sockets (no more dead iPhones on arrival!), trains are a great way to travel cheaply – even though a first glance at ticket sites might suggest otherwise.

  • To get the best deal, split your ticket. Several sites online will do this for you, and it allows you to buy tickets for concurrent parts of your journey – which often works out cheaper than the cost of a single ticket.

  • Put simply, this means that if you’re travelling from A to C, it may work out cheaper to buy a ticket from A to B, and then B to C. It seems like a swizz, but it’s fully legit, and National Rail approves of this practice.

  • You can buy split tickets through these sites:

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