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  • Start with why front cover

  • Questions about where you want to get to in life are really difficult to answer. Even talking about the direction you want to head in can be tricky.

    These are important questions, but the most important thing is getting the most out of your life NOW, and creating CHOICES for yourself.

  • So, how is life now?

    Sorry! Another difficult question. You’re probably doing OK, having fun, working hard, making ends meet, waiting to see what pans out... or maybe you have a master plan. if life is the balance between WORK, PLAY, LOVE & HEALTH. How would you describe yours right now:

    Button test

  • Step 1: Think Life

    No matter how you are feeling now, find out if you can do better with a simple exercise that focusses on your WORK (and money) - the biggest life lever you can pull when it comes to creating CHOICES.

    Imagine three different paths for your working life over the next five years...

  • Three Paths

    LIFE ONE: The life you have now, projected forward in a positive direction. What will it look like if it all works out right?

    LIFE TWO: Imagine a life if you absolutely couldn’t have Life 1 (job taken over by robots, etc). What would like to do instead?

    LIFE THREE: If your salary or what people thought of you weren’t factors, what career would you choose? (Tip: be realistic!)

  • Write a short description of each life e.g:

    LIFE ONE: Keep going. Get promoted to 1 by 2 (when). That will enable me to do 3. That makes me feel 4.

    LIFE TWO: Learn a new discipline. That will turn into 1 by 2 (when). That will enable me to do 3. That makes me feel 4.

    LIFE THREE: Do the job I always dreamed of. That will get me to 1 by 2 (when). That will enable me to do 3. That makes me feel 4.

  • Step 2: Test Life

    For each of your three paths, test your theory:

    • Talk to people you know about them
    • Find people who work in the fields you are considering, talk to them
    • Figure out the good questions to ask
    • Uncover your hidden biases and assumptions
    • Find a way to have a hands-on experience
  • Step 3: TEST LIFE

    Now, imagine each life scenario on top of a mountain.

    Mountain 170

    Which mountain do you feel able to climb, even when the going gets tough?

  • Step 4: Use Life

    Whichever life design you feel most drawn to should now guide your decision making.

    It’s not fixed. It can change - you might ultimately try all three paths - but now you have a clear reference point.

  • As you make your career plans and face big or small financial decisions, constantly ask yourself this question:

    Is the decision I am about to make going to positively or negatively affect my route up the mountain?

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