Saving money is a good thing, everyone knows that. Whether you do it well, sporadically, wish you did it but don’t, or just don’t care - you still know saving, like eating an orange, going for a walk or calling your grandmother, is good.

Yet, statistically speaking, we are terrible as a nation at saving. But people don’t care about national statistics, they, at best, care about themselves and their day-to-day lives.

A whole industry of digital banks and savings, ‘round-up’ and budgeting apps have sprung up, flying the flag of putting the customer first, removing red tape, easing the movement and management of money and facilitating frictionless saving.

But the problem isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse. Helping people not to have to think about their money is a double-edged sword. It eases the process of saving tiny amounts, by methods such as ‘round-ups’ - it's automatic, you might say mindless.

Technology also eases the process of spending. Take contactless payment, what could be easier? It’s cheerleaders say it is more convenient. However, it also encourages you to spend more, as countless studies have shown, by removing the friction between you and your mindless spending.

So, more mindless spending and a bit of mindless saving. Where does this leave us? Probably worse off than before.

It is only by thinking about your spending - being mindful so to speak - can you open the door to being wiser and happier about money. Where does your money really go? Why are you spending as you are? Does it make you happy?

It is only by thinking about money, however briefly, and putting a mindful wrap around the technology that manages your money will you gain the ability to boost your mental well-being, job, relationships and enjoyment of life since money affects everything.

Ah! But thinking about money is not sexy. It doesn’t give you flat abs, it doesn’t make you fitter or healthier or more at peace with the world. It certainly doesn’t solve Brexit, or stop the Japanese whaling fleet, or clean the oceans of plastic. It doesn’t give you something to talk about in the pub, or move the dial when you’re on a first date.

You’re right, but keep in mind, thinking about your spending is the starting point. Your key to everything else in your life.

Spend Happy. Save Happy. Live Happy