So - that’s week one over and done with. Well done! You’ve found us, you’ve signed up, and you’ve stuck with it.

You might be tempted to shrug at this point, and say ‘The world hasn’t changed.’ We agree. Lasting change takes time to implement, and if you persevere, my coaching will equip you with skills that’ll help you build your richer life.

Here’s the good news. You’ve already begun building!

By starting with you, getting to know yourself, and doing several ‘foundation exercises’ this week, we’re building from the inside out. Clearing your mind and developing an understanding of your relationship with money is the only way to make smarter financial choices because your thoughts, feelings and actions are all interconnected. Getting this wiring right is so important.

Next week, we’ll continue building momentum, and begin making some financial changes.

We’ll give you some instant gratification by showing you a few quick and simple ways to immediately boost your bank balance.

Alongside that, we’ll carry on developing your relationship with money and also begin to implement some new lasting financial habits. Habits are the cornerstone of making positive behavioural changes, and their cumulative impact will make such an impact on your life.

In the meantime, give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself (it’s always important to reward yourself) by doing something nice! You’re on the way to turning your financial life around, one tiny step at a time. Here are some things to remember:


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