Find Your Financial A-Ha!

When it comes to the money in your life, you may not feel the ability to make a difference is in your gift. Your salary, and the everyday cost of housing and living (you think) are out of your control. When you are in this mindset, that is true. So, you (begrudgingly) accept things for the way they are.

To get going with taking control of your financial life, achieve sustainability and prevent yourself lapsing into recurring downward spirals, you need a moment of clarity from which a receptive mind, new learning and improved process (a system) will follow. What you need is a moment of:


What is an A-Ha! moment?

It’s a mind-shift. An attitude shift. A wake-up call when you realise you’ve been practically treading-water for quite some time and the ability to start swimming is out there. It might be come from a realisation you are getting older, or your relationship is getting serious or there’s a baby on the way. Or you might just wake up one day and say enough-is-enough.

Why are A-Ha! moments important?

Everybody can be triggered to join a gym. Anyone can buy a self-help book, but few will read it, fewer-still will act on it, even fewer still will learn to sustain new behaviours. It is important because it provides clarity of mind - in short it pulls your head out of the sand.

An A-Ha! is not the answer or answers. It is a gateway.

Passing through the A-Ha! gateway makes you emotionally receptive to that which you previously found confusing, irrelevant or anxiety-inducing.

It is like having a translator earpiece, instantly converting what you previously heard as double-dutch into clear, understandable English. When you build understanding, and diminish fear, you are in the best possible place to move forward and upward.

So how do you find your financial A-Ha?

A great place to start is looking at how you spend your money on things you WANT, (as opposed to NEED e.g. rent, bills etc.). How does spending on your wants, makes you feel? Does NOT spending on them and consciously saving the money, make you feel better than buying it?

Make a small change, commit to taking your lunch on from home for a week, or walking to work or just selling something you don’t need. See how saving money makes you feel.

Try it, you might just find your A-Ha!