Money scripts are the unconscious beliefs about money which influence our emotions and behaviours around money. Your money scripts start to develop when you’re a child, and they influence how you behave and deal with money when you’re older. You learn from parents, family, teachers and friends – and the conclusions you draw can stick with you for life.

Money scripts don’t just mean a dysfunctional relationship with your credit card, and overspending when you’re cheesed off. You may hoard your cash - maybe you believe spending is bad, and you’ll end up homeless if you don’t squirrel away every penny. Maybe you secretly think people will only like you if you have the latest gear and gadgets - money allows you to show you’re a ‘success’.

Money scripts can be grouped into four categories:

- Money Avoidance: Avoiders have negative associations with money, and disengage where possible. They avoid opening bank statements, checking their balance, or tracking where their money’s going.

- Money Worship: Worshippers are convinced more money or possessions will make them happy and solve their problems. Feeling bad? A spending spree will solve all of their problems, temporarily.

- Money Status: Status seekers tend to link their self-worth with their net worth and prioritise outward displays of wealth.

- Money Vigilance: The vigilant believe it is important to save and for people to work for their money. Whilst these scripts generally have a positive impact on financial health, taken too far, they can have a negative impact.

Within each category, there are multiple scripts and Olly, our confidential, non-judgemental chatbot, will help you identify your personal money scripts. Once you’ve worked out your money scripts, you will begin to see your behaviour around money in a new light. It's powerful stuff!

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