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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have some questions. Here are the ones we hear.

  • Who is Olly?

    Olly is an intelligent computer program with which you can have a text conversation. Olly will help you better manage your finances through changing your financial behaviours. Drawing from best practice in personal finance, wellness/ behaviour change programs and psychology, Olly asks you what you need help with and matches this intent with suggested solutions. You can think of Olly as a brain trainer capable of storing your responses and who gets more specific to your needs over time.

  • How does it work?

    Olly wants to help you better manage their finances by changing your relationship with money and by consequence changing your financial behaviours . He does this in three main ways:

    1. Listening. Money is a difficult subject to talk about and Olly has been designed to be an empathetic, non-judgmental and completely confidential listener.

    2. Individual sessions. Olly has a selection of individual exercises, videos, articles and tasks to help you develop money mindfulness and change your financial behaviours.

    3. Guided programs. Olly also has some specific guided money mindfulness programs with specific objectives. These walk you through the process of financial behaviour change and transforming your relationship with money over time.

    All money mindfulness sessions only take a couple of minutes to complete on your phone and you can do them whenever convenient.

  • What is money mindfulness?

    Money mindfulness is a new approach to money which involves you becoming more conscious about your spending, learning how to be more fulfilled with what you have and freeing you from the burden of external expectations. It is not about budgeting and deprivation. Money mindfulness will result in you feeling able to spend guilt-free and enjoy peace of mind around money whilst make financial progress.

  • Does it work?

    A more mindful approach to money has been used by thousands to transform their relationship with money and resulted in their lives becoming more satisfying. Here’s some of the ways money mindfulness has enriched people’s lives:

    - They finally understand the basics of money.
    - They reconnect with old dreams and find ways to realise them.
    - They learn how to distinguish between the essential and the excess in all areas of their lives and how to unburden themselves of external expectations.
    - Money ceases to be an issue in their lives, and they regain the headspace to take on issues of greater importance.
    - Their new financial integrity resolves many conflicts between their values and their lifestyles.
    - They find their intimate relationships improve.
    - At a tangible level, they get out of debt, increase savings and are able to live happily within their means.

  • Who's it for?

    We originally built Olly for young adults. However, we encourage anyone to try it and see if Olly is a fit for you. Feel free to give us feedback by Getting In Touch.

    • Is it free to talk to Olly?

      Our mission is to improve your relationship with money and make this available to all who need it. We are lucky enough to not have to charge users for Olly’s services at this time. However, this may change at some point as move towards establishing a sustainable business.

    • Where can I chat with Olly?

      Olly is available on Facebook Messenger on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and PCs

    • Why do you use Facebook Messenger?

      Facebook Messenger is the most widely used messaging interface. It is a stable, proven technology platform which has allowed us to seamlessly integrate our software to deliver an innovative experience.

    • Can my Facebook friends see I’m using Olly or what I’m saying?

      No, when using Facebook Messenger to chat with Olly, nothing is posted to your Facebook profile or newsfeed. If you “Like” our Facebook Page, your friends can see that. Read more in ourPrivacy Policy

      • Do you share my data?

        No. We do not sell your data. We only share your personal information as required to provide the service or to fulfil legal obligations. For further details, see the ‘How We Use Your Information’ section of our fullTerms and Conditions

      • How can I give Olly to my friends and family?

        Simple! Just copy this link:https://bit.ly/2BPauv9and send it on, using Messenger, WhatsApp, text message, or any messaging platform you choose! When your friends and family click on it, it will open up a brand new conversation between them and Olly in Facebook Messenger.