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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have some questions. Here are the ones we hear.

  • What exactly is financial wellbeing?

    As well as being transactional, money is also highly emotional.
    It makes people anxious, sad, worried, furious, and tons of other feelings.
    Financial wellbeing refers to the overall financial health of an individual and is the result of making the most of your money
    It represents a balance of ....
    ...the emotional and numerical.
    ...the present and the future
    ... and discipline and enjoyment.

  • Are you independent?

    The most important question when it comes to money advice is: who is paying (because somebody is!)
    Both employers and employees want to know their financial education program is free of any product bias.
    We are an independent provider of financial wellness solutions to employers and employees. That’s it.

  • Will your solution be applicable for all employees?

    We know employees will have different requirements - from trainees to your most senior staff.
    That is why our solution is inclusive and targeted - there is something for everyone.

  • My employees are spread out geographically and some work at home, how do they all get access?

    We recognise people often work flexibly and remotely and seminars and face-to-face sessions don’t always work well.
    And since money is increasingly digital, we have designed our financial wellbeing solution to be entirely digital too.
    So it is available when and where your people need it.

  • Is any of the employee’s data shared with the employer?

    Money is enormously personal to people.
    Your employees will engage with a financial wellbeing programme if they are confident the information is completely confidential.
    Whilst we share aggregated information with you, like any EAP programme, individuals’ data remains completely confidential.