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Our mission

At The Lifehouse.Co we are dedicated to helping people manage their finances better, become less stressed about money and live a happier life.

Our founder

From humble origins to responsibility for billions of pounds of other people’s money, The Lifehouse.Co founder, Neil Darke recognised our brains are poorly programmed to cope in our modern, always-on culture.

The evidence was clear. A lack of financial education and the onslaught of persuasive advertising, peer pressure and frictionless credit, payment and delivery is causing unparalleled personal debt, anxiety, relationship breakdown and poor productivity.

Looking into the rapidly evolving financial services industry Neil saw too many technology-based financial ‘solutions’ focussing on the mechanics and easing the use of money, making people think less, when they needed to think more.

Something had to be done!

The Lifehouse.Co CEO, Neil Darke, coaching a group of sixth-formers at a London school.

Our journey

Neil set up The Lifehouse.Co in 2015 to counter widespread financial apathy and despair with the transformative power of a scientifically-proven, mindful approach to money that brings self-control, empowerment and hope.

The Lifehouse.Co is dedicated to delivering better financial wellbeing to help people live more satisfying lives, irrespective of personal wealth or background.We are committed to donating 10% of profits to financial education and debt charities.

We also regularly donate a proportion of our time to running workshops in personal finance for children about to leave school or university and embark on their independent, adult lives.

The Lifehouse.Co boys designing Olly the Chatbot